Unique Personality: The Charm of Car Colors (2023)

Unique Personality: The Charm of Car Colors (1) Unique Personality: The Charm of Car Colors (2)

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The color of a car is an important design element that reflects the individuality of the vehicle type and is the most important option that expresses the individual driver’s taste. Here is a story about the charm of car colors that make cars more beautiful with various colors and textures.

Unique Personality: The Charm of Car Colors (3)

When buying a car, there is a moment of choice that you must face: the color of the car, the most enjoyable but the most difficult choice. Color is an important design element that determines the impression of a car, and is also an exterior element that reflects personal taste. The choice of car color becomes more important because the impression of a car depends on its color. Recently, Hyundai Motor Group’s automobiles are expanding the range of customer choices by introducing various color options. The automaker offers superior uniqueness with beautiful color and saturation, and also introduces unusual colors using the unique texture of the paint.

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There are also trends in car colors. Achromatic colors such as white, black, and gray are the easiest options and are the most popular among car colors. However, the rest of the color choices change according to the trend. According to the ‘2021 BASF Color Report for Automotive OEM Coatings’ published by the coatings division of BASF, a global chemical company, people are choosing blue and red more often in recent years. Also, although there are not many green and beige colors, their share has been steadily increasing. This change seems to have been influenced by the rapidly spreading electrification trend in the automobile industry. This is because most global automakers express the property of being eco‒friendly with their own colors.

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Hyundai Motor Group’s cars also offer a variety of colors that emphasize the styling of the car, including colors that reflect recent trends. For example, the Niro, Kia’s signature eco‒friendly family SUV, offers a total of seven exterior colors. Among them, ‘Cityscape Green’ is the color that best shows Niro’s design. Cityscape Green reflects the most popular green color trend not only in automobiles but also in the fashion industry as a whole. In order to express Niro’s boldness in a minimal and modern way, pearl particles are put into transparent pigments, and the pearly feel as clean as glass beads is sophisticated and urban.

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In addition, the Kia Niro introduced a variety of color combinations through the Aero Pillar, which was unprecedented in current mass‒produced cars. The four color combinations are Snow White Pearl and Steel Gray, Steel Gray and Interstellar Gray, Mineral Blue and Aurora Black Pearl, Cityscape Green, and Aurora Black Pearl. In addition, ‘Bespoke,’ which allows the owner to choose the exterior color according to the owner’s taste, gives the Niro a unique personality and contributes to enhancing customer satisfaction.

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IONIQ 5, Hyundai Motor’s dedicated EV, also has a distinctive color lineup. The new color, Atlas White, emphasizes the clean and pure image of electric vehicles. Lucid Blue Pearl embodies the image of the refreshing winds of the Antarctic and Arctic, and Digital Teal Green Pearl expresses the combination of the purity of minerals and electric vehicle technology. Among the 9 exterior colors, the most eye‒catching color is Gravity Gold Matte. This color is the result of the automaker’s focus on visualizing invisible cutting‒edge technology, and it is characterized by a beautiful expression of the finely polished metal color through a matte texture.

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The color of Genesis’ dedicated EV GV60 is bolder and more diverse. The exterior color of the GV60 consists of 8 types of glossy and 3 types of matte, providing a total of 11 colors. It can be called a special color. These colors were born under the CMF (Color Material Finish) design strategy that emphasizes the luxurious and eco‒friendly image unique to Genesis electric vehicles. Hanauma Mint captures the beauty of Hanauma Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, and Atacama Copper emphasizes the metallic feel of copper, a key material for electrical components, to create a sophisticated electric vehicle image. For reference, the name Atacama comes from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, where copper is abundant.

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The flagship sedan of Genesis, the G90, offers 12 exterior colors. This number is the highest for a single car model by Hyundai Motor Group, because the automaker considered not only the universal choice of achromatic colors, but also the diverse tastes of customers who pursue overwhelming value. Even the black color, which is a universally popular color, has two options. Vik Black emphasizes luxury with fine pearl pigments, and Maui Black, inspired by the Black Sand Beach in Maui, Hawaii, stands out for its pure high‒concentration black color. On the other hand, G90’s Hallasan Green is the first color with a Korean name on Genesis, and it is a deep green color inspired by Korean nature, which contains the Korean luxury that Genesis pursues.

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Through ‘Build Your Own Hyundai’ provided on the Hyundai Motor website, you can check the color preference trends of consumers who purchased the car model as well as the exterior color provided for each vehicle. The most popular color for most car models is also achromatic. Gray and white were the main colors for Hyundai Motor’s main car models, such as Avante(Elantra), Grandeur, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Palisade. One thing that stands out is the high popularity of Amazon Gray Metallic. Amazon Gray, which was introduced as a new color with the launch of Avante, is a medium chroma color with blue pearl and turquoise green pearl based on aluminum particles with a hard metallic feel. The dual color of gray and green, which stands out depending on the light, reflects the latest color trend, and was popular not only among Avante but also among Tucson and Tucson hybrid owners.

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Depending on the model, chromatic exterior colors are also popular. The owners of Hyundai Venue preferred Denim Blue Pearl with a deep blue pearly feel, and for the Kona Hybrid, Dive Blue with a light blue color was chosen a lot. As such, chromatic colors are often chosen for small cars that young consumers mainly have. Among Hyundai cars, only certain colors were selected for Avante N and Kona N. 40% of buyers of Avante N(M/T) chose Performance Blue color, and 33% of buyers of Kona N chose Sonic Blue, proving the high popularity of N brand exclusive color.

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Performance Blue, which can be found in Hyundai Motor’s high‒performance brand N, has already established itself as a symbolic brand color. It is characterized by high saturation and catches the eye at once, and is commonly used in racing cars such as Hyundai Motorsport’s i20 N WRC rally car, Avante N TCR, and Avante N‒cup race car. In addition, Performance Blue clearly expresses the presence of N brand models in the interior of the steering wheel, gear knob, and stitches.

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As above, Hyundai Motor Group’s recent models present a variety of colors. From achromatic colors, which are always loved for their clean and neat image for a long time, to special unique colors that match the concept of each car, people can enjoy the charm and beauty of color in Hyundai Motor Group’s diverse color lineup. Hyundai Motor Group will increase the appeal of its car design through the development of new colors. Many people are expecting new colors to be unveiled that suit future mobility technologies, such as exotic colors that reflect the latest color trends.

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What type of people drive blue cars? ›

Those in a blue car would like others to see them as dependable and even tempered. The darker the shade of blue chosen the more authoritative and confident the driver will want to appear. Driving Style : Will never enter into conflicts with other road users and will have a confident and decisive driving style.

What kind of person drives a red car? ›

The colour expresses fun and ambition. If you're a red car owner, you're an Alpha personality. You like to be the centre of attention and you recharge your batteries around other people. You don't stay in one place very long and want to be active at all times.

What is the most attractive car color? ›

White, Black, Gray, and Silver continue to top the list of best colors for cars.
However, check out PPG's PPG's 2021 list of the top car colors in North America for all vehicle categories shows a few changes compared to 2020 data:
  • Red (9%)
  • Green (2%)
  • Natural (1.5% – down 1%)
  • Other, Two-Tone (1% – up 0.5%)

What does a blue car say about your personality? ›

Owners of blue cars are calm and collected, Smith says. Drivers of light-blue and medium-blue cars are friendly, trustworthy and dependable. The darker the blue gets, the more confident and authoritative the driver tends to be.

What color car is safest? ›

According to our research, yellow is the safest car color with white coming in a close second.

What is a car obsessed person called? ›

motorhead (plural motorheads)

What kind of person drives a white car? ›

People who prefer white vehicles are often thought of as perfectionists. These personality types know what and how they like things, and they want to keep everything pristine. People that drive white cars are always organized and are thought to have the cleanest interiors of any car.

What color car is hardest to keep clean? ›

Black is the hardest car color to keep clean.

The reason black is often the hardest car color to keep clean is that it shows dirt, grime and stains more than other colors. It's popular in part because it looks good but also because it hides imperfections well.

What color car is classy? ›

Most cars, luxury or not, come in timeless colours such as white and black; simply because you can rarely go wrong with such shades. While these mild colours may not be as eye-catching, they are undeniably classic and elegant to the eye; which is why many still opt for them.

What car color do girls like the most? ›

The top car colors for attractive women were red (40%), black (23%) and silver (14%).
When asked what's most important about a car belonging to the opposite sex, people say:
  • That it is clean. ...
  • That it is reliable. ...
  • That it is interesting. ...
  • That it is new or new-ish. ...
  • That it is expensive.
24 Jan 2014

What color cars do guys drive? ›

And red, the favorite color of men, along with black are the most popular colors of used sportscars. After red, men prefer orange, black, white, green and gray vehicles, in that order. After silver and brown, women prefer gold, beige, blue and yellow, in that order.

What kind of people drive yellow cars? ›

Yellow: Joyful, sense of humor

Expect the owner of a yellow car to be young at heart. “They have a sunny disposition,” shares Eiseman. “A person who chooses yellow really knows that they're going to be noticed and they usually have a great sense of humor.”

Does the car you drive reflect your personality? ›

“No matter what you drive, the way you maintain your car, inside and out, gives people some insight into your personality,” she says. And if it's a mess then you may be telling others that you're scattered, super-busy, a slob, or don't care about health and cleanliness.

What does a purple car say about you? ›

That's because purple has really gained a great deal of attention as being the color of creativity. The person who drives a purple car wants to be seen as a very original person, quite a bit of an individualist, and doesn't mind the fact that it has a little bit more energy and creativity attached to it."

What cars are girls most impressed with? ›

Best car to attract women?
  • Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.
  • Mustang GT Premium Convertible.
  • Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Convertible.
  • Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack.
  • Ford F-150 Raptor.
  • Toyota Supra.
  • Lexus RC300 F-Sport.
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

What car brands make you look rich? ›

From Bentleys to Maseratis, Lotuses, and Porsches, these depreciated luxury cars will make you look rich for less than the price of a Prius. Everyone wishes they were rich, even if they don't want to admit it. It might not be everyone's main goal, but financial freedom is always sought after.

What car attracts the most attention? ›

These 15 cars attract the most police attention
  • #1 (tie) — Lexus ES 300 (33 percent)
  • #1 (tie) — Nissan 350Z (33 percent)
  • #3 — Dodge Charger SE/SXT (32 percent)
  • #4 (tie) — Volkswagen Jetta GL (31 percent)
  • #4 (tie) — Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS/LT (31 percent)
19 Feb 2016

Which color car is preferred by the owners? ›

Easy to Maintain

White is the lightest colour one can choose for their car(s). And an interesting, proven fact is that the dents and minor scratches are not visible in light colours, in this case, white.

What color car has the best resale value? ›

According to the iSeeCars report, yellow is the most valuable colors among convertibles and SUVs, while orange does it for coupes, beige is best for pickup trucks, and purple, being among the rarest of colors in any segment, boosts the value of sedans the most.

What color car is most energy efficient? ›

The research was published in Applied Energy. White, silver, and other light colors are coolest, reflecting about 60% of sunlight. However, dark "cool colors" that reflect primarily in the invisible "near infrared" part of the solar spectrum can also stay cooler than traditional dark colors.

What do you call a girl who loves cars? ›

A motorhead, just like any other enthusiast.

What defines a car guy? ›

An individual that appreciates anything to do with automobiles and their inner workings. Typically, it's one who can talk at length about cars without getting tired of it.

Which is the best colour car to buy? ›

Affects resale value

The car colour trends keep on changing over the years. So, if you purchase a popular car colour today, you can improve its bottom line after a few years when selling your car. Some of the safest bets are neutral colours like white, silver, grey, and black.

What kind of person drives a Benz? ›

15/25 Mercedes Benz Drivers Are Pedantic About Fitness and Staying Active. Drivers who are fortunate to own a Mercedes Benz don't only experience the luxury and the reliability of the vehicles; they also place a lot of emphasis on staying fit and active. Most Mercedes Benz drivers are Gen X'ers or Baby Boomers.

What color car hides scratches best? ›

The best colour for hiding minor dents and scratches is white. The reason for this is because its bright colour helps minimize the appearance of scratches, especially when it's a bright day. While white is the best colour, you won't go wrong with other lighter colours, such as silver grey.

What is the cheapest color to paint a car? ›

Painting your car a basic color such as white or black will be cheaper than a less common color.

What color car loses its value the fastest? ›

In fact, brown cars depreciate about four times faster than cars of the color that best holds its value, yellow, with those vehicles only depreciating at 4.5% over three years, on average.

What are rich people colors? ›

Gold is the most powerful color if you are thinking of attracting affluence, fame, and wealth. Due to all these things, it is the most powerful color that attracts wealth. Also, you can interpret the color of gold effortlessly.

What color car is feminine? ›

According to the automotive data and research company's study, women's new preferred car color is teal. This marks teal's first appearance in the women's rankings since the initial color preferences study in 2013.

What do yellow cars mean spiritually? ›

Each yellow car can represent a life where you win no matter what rather than a life where you are a victim no matter what. Even when life or work chases you down, bites you on the leg, and pins you to the ground, you can keep the negativity away by focusing on gratitude.

What color car is the hardest to see on the road? ›

Black vehicles

The primary reason for why black cars are so much likelier to be involved in accidents is because they are harder to see. Black vehicles may blend into their surroundings, making them less visible to other motorists.

What does a yellow car say about you? ›

Yellow and gold are bright and cheery colors that represent happiness and a carefree attitude. Yellow car drivers are considered wise and imaginative with a good sense of humor. Many young people are drawn to yellow although it only makes up about 2% of all car colors.

What does your luxury car say about you? ›

Luxury Cars

No surprise here, luxury car owners are often status seekers and more prone to driving longer distances. These owners tend to be older, highly-educated, and generally have a higher income. In psychology, these drivers are considered to be independent, profit-oriented workaholics known as “achievers”.

What kind of person drives a BMW? ›

Brave, flashy, self-confident

Historically known as the 'Ultimate Driving Machine' BMW positions itself as a superior, luxury brand, which is likely to be one of the reasons why it appeals to confident drivers.

Does having a nice car make you more attractive? ›

It's Official - Your Car Makes You More Attractive.

Having a nice car can change you from a 4/10 to an 8/10 according to a recent survey. 72% of women hate a messy car. 71% of women don't care what spec your car is. 91% of women want a man who's a good driver.

Is white a feminine car color? ›

White, fourth most-preferred by men than women, is the most popular hue for pickup trucks. sports cars and coupes more than any other model. For women's car color choices, used minivans, sedans and wagons are the most popular car types for silver.

What does a green car say? ›

Green: In the modern age, green cars are quite rare. Green is often tagged to life, growth, renewal, money and wealth. And green car drivers are said to care less for trends.

Why are purple cars not popular? ›

But, despite that popularity, purple vehicles still have lower resale value compared with white and other more common car colors. Muted purples tend to get dirty easily, and can start to look like a muddy brown or red with even a little dust over the paint.

What does driving a blue car mean? ›

Drivers of blue cars tend to be seen as trustworthy, whether they have a light or a dark blue vehicle. If yours is lighter in hue, you radiate a cool, metallic tranquility and serenity that can make you attractive to others, if a bit aloof.

Do people like blue cars? ›

Blue and red cars are by far the most popular of the remaining colors. In fact, more than half of the cars sold in this group were either blue cars (36.80%) or red (36.58%). Less-popular choices included brown (8.28%), gold (5.51%), green (5.15%), and tan (3.41%).

What does blue drive mean on a car? ›

Blue Drive refers to cars which are powered by fuel-saving, emissions-reducing powertrains. Blue Drive also describes the innovative powertrains which cut fuel consumption and emissions. Q: What are examples of Blue Drive powertrains?

Is blue a popular car color? ›

The first non-grayscale colors to appear on the list are blue (5th place) and red (6th place). Red is popular with sports cars, great for drivers looking to stand out from the crowd.
America's Most Popular Car Colors (according to iSeeCars.Com)
RankColorPercentage Share
9 more rows

What do white cars symbolize? ›

White Cars

White however, is a colour associated with innocence and purity. It's also a symbol of peace, so drivers of white cars tend to have a calmer disposition (although this doesn't apply to those who drive a white BMW).

What does green car say about you? ›

Someone seated in a green ride usually leads a well-balanced life. “Green is the most-balanced color in nature,” says Eiseman “The deeper the green, the more trustworthy, and also the more traditional.

What personality type likes blue? ›

Those with Blue color personality strengths tend to be enthusiastic, sympathetic, communicative, compassionate, idealistic, sincere and imaginative.

What is the hardest car color to maintain? ›

Black is the hardest car color to keep clean.

The reason black is often the hardest car color to keep clean is that it shows dirt, grime and stains more than other colors. It's popular in part because it looks good but also because it hides imperfections well.

What is Hyundai Blue mean? ›

Hyundai is working to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles and better their overall technology. With this in mind, they have created the Hyundai Blue Drive. This technology is helping the company create and release more environmentally friendly vehicles with low emissions and better overall efficiency.

What should the driver of the blue car do? ›

Blue, Green and Amber Lights

The vehicles that display blue, green or amber lights are not authorized emergency vehicles. Their drivers must obey all traffic laws. While you are not required to yield the right-of-way, you should yield as a courtesy if you can safely do so.

What does 4H drive mean? ›

4H (4X4 HIGH) Provides mechanically locked four-wheel drive power to both the front and rear wheels for use in off-road or winter conditions such as deep snow, sand or mud. This mode is not for use on dry pavement. Note: 4H may engage or disengage automatically based on terrain mode selection.

What car color is attractive to a girl? ›

The study also found women are 11.2 percent more likely to prefer gold-colored cars than men. After gold, women prefer silver (7.1 percent more than men) followed by beige (5.6 percent more than men).

What are the top 3 car colors? ›

America's Most Popular Car Colors
RankColorPercentage Share
8 more rows


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