5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (2023)

5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (1)

The RB Leipzig coach is a noted polyglot, a multi-faceted academic and the man who outscored Julian Nagelsmann during their coaching studies. - © Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images

The RB Leipzig coach is a noted polyglot, a multi-faceted academic and the man who outscored Julian Nagelsmann during their coaching studies. - © Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images

5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (2)5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (3)5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (6)

Domenico Tedesco is now in his second spell as a Bundesliga head coach following his arrival at RB Leipzig. But what more is there to know about the high-achieving and multilingual former Schalke boss?

bundesliga.com fills you in on some fascinating aspects of his life so far.

1) He had a record-breaking start

Born in the south of Italy and raised near Stuttgart in Germany, Tedesco started his coaching career at the youth teams of VfB Stuttgart and Hoffenheim. Second-tier side Erzgebirge Aue then took a chance on the promising novice in March 2017, before prompted Bundesliga side Schalke came calling later that summer.

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The Royal Blues had finished the 2016/17 campaign 10th in the standings, and Christian Heidel - the club’s sporting director at the time - decided a change was required. Heidel had previously given both Jürgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel a start at Mainz, and this time he offered 31-year-old Tedesco his first top-flight experience.

“He can’t sit five minutes at the table without grabbing the salt shaker to illustrate some tactic or other,” Heidel said of Tedesco soon after Schalke’ss youngest ever head coach arrived in Gelsenkirchen. “He’s thinking about it from dawn ‘til dusk.”

5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (7)

Domenico Tedesco (l.) would form a close bond with Christian Heidel (r.) during their time together at Schalke. - Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images

The players were impressed too. Goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann said Tedesco had “a God-given gift” for coaching, while in January 2018 veteran defender Naldo said he was the best coach he’d ever had and thatTedesco “makes everybody feel hugely important for the team.”

With glowing references like that, it wasn’t surprising that the results followed. Tedesco led Schalke to a second-place finish in his rookie season, and in so doing helped them return to the UEFA Champions League for the first time four years.

2) He was a classmate of Nagelsmann

Tedesco’s talent was obvious at the DFB coaching school that he graduated from in 2016. One of his classmates there was none other than current Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann, although it was the new Leipzig head coach who finished with the best marks in their year.

In Nagelsmann’s defence, he had by that stage already been thrown in at the Bundesliga deep end. Appointed head coach of Hoffenheim at the age of 28 in February 2016, he was busy saving them from relegation while finishing his studies.

5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (8)

Domenico Tedesco (l.) topped his coaching class ahead of now Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann Domenico Tedesco (r.). - Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images

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“Over the 10 months we sometimes travelled there together, which was always great fun,” Tedesco said of his time getting his final coaching badge alongside Nagelsmann. “He’s an incredible person and an incredible coach.”

The two young coaches have been following similar paths since. A few months after Nagelsmann had vacated the role, Tedesco became the Hoffenheim U19 coach. Tedesco then stepped into the Leipzig hotseat in the same year that Nagelsmann left the club for Munich.

3) He’s multitalented

Tedesco never made the grade as a player himself, but he had a host of other career options before going full-time in the football industry. A four-week period of work experience in the sports department of a newspaper gave a teenage Tedesco a taste what a career in journalism would be like. Instead, though, he did a degree in industrial engineering and a masters in Innovation Management.

Football was his real passion, however, and to achieve all that he did at such a young age required some social sacrifices, with Tedesco once telling bundesliga.com: “If you’re studying and simultaneously trying to do your football coaching badges, then you can’t really be out drinking every Friday and Saturday night."

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5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (9)

Prior to becoming a full-time coach, Tedesco also spent some time putting his academic studies to use while working on behalf of a major car manufacturer. Heidel feels that all the life experience the young coach gathered over the years ultimately helped him succeed in his chosen profession.

“There are people who were only in football their whole lives,” Heidel - now back at Mainz - told The Independent in 2018. “They’re also good coaches. I believe though - and I’ve experienced this with Thomas Tuchel and Jurgen Klopp - that people who stood in their life on their own two feet have an advantage there.”

4) He’s multilingual

After leaving Schalke in March 2019, Tedesco’s next role saw him pitch up at Spartak Moscow in October that same year. In Russia he once again demonstrated that his early successes were no fluke. In part by improving Spartak’s possession statistics considerably, he helped them finish second in the 2020/21 season.

A mastery of languages has enabled Tedesco to get his message across in different environments. As well as being fluent in German and Italian, he was able to speak English, French and Spanish with his players during his first stint in the Bundesliga. That served him well in Moscow too, although he made sure to learn some Russian as well.

5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (10)

Domenico Tedesco spoke five different languages even before he started learning Russian while at Spartak Moscow. - Epsilon/Getty Images

That personal touch, dedication to the game and ability to speak to people in their own language has set Tedesco apart from the rest thanks to his remarkable leadership and it's little wonder that players buy into his management.

“The biggest thing - and what I find the most important - is how you lead people,” he told bundesliga.com while still at Schalke. “How you motivate players to run through brick walls for the club and how you help them make the most of their potential.”

5) He was involved in one of the best Bundesliga games of all time


November 25 2017 seemed certain to go down as a dark day in Schalke’s history. Sure, the Royal Blues had gone into Matchday 13 second in the standings and only six points behind leaders Bayern Munich, but they found themselves trailing Revierderby rivals Borussia Dortmund 4-0 after just 25 minutes.

Tedesco’s side were lucky not to fall further behind early in the second half, but then something sensational happened. First, Guido Burgstaller found the net on 61 minutes with a header, then four minutes later Amine Harit was left unmarked to make it 4-2. With four minutes on the clock, Daniel Caligiuri weaved his way into the area to smash home a third. Then, in the 94th minute, Naldo rose highest to meet a corner and power home the most dramatic of equalisers.

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5 things on RB Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco (11)

“It was very quiet,” he told bundesliga.com later that season when describing what the Schalke dressing room was like during the interval. “Obviously the players were a bit and down and sunk in on themselves. I just said first and foremost that I felt sorry for them - they didn’t deserve this but ‘we can still sort it out. We’re there for you as a coaching team - we’ll keep firing you on. I’ll be on my feet for 90 minutes even if it’s 6-0. Now let’s try and win the second half.’”

That they did.

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Who is coaching RB Leipzig? ›

RB Leipzig have appointed Marco Rose their new head coach, the club have confirmed. The former Borussia Dortmund manager has signed a two-year contract with the Bundesliga side until June 2024.

Is Domenico Tedesco German? ›

Born in Rossano, Italy, Tedesco's parents emigrated to Esslingen, Germany, when he was two years old. Coincidentally, his last name, Tedesco, means "German" in Italian language.

How many languages does Domenico Tedesco speak? ›

A mastery of languages has enabled Tedesco to get his message across in different environments. As well as being fluent in German and Italian, he was able to speak English, French and Spanish with his players during his first stint in the Bundesliga.

What is RB Leipzig known for? ›

RasenBallsport Leipzig e.V. ( lit. 'Lawn Ball Sports Leipzig'), commonly known as RB Leipzig, and colloquially referred to as Red Bull Leipzig, is a German professional football club based in Leipzig, Saxony.

Who is Leipzig best player? ›

Who is the best player in RB Leipzig 2022/2023? Currently the best player at RB Leipzig is Christopher Nkunku. His performance index is 91, he scored 12 goals and provided 0 assists. With 20 shots on goal and a conversion rate of 49% he is at the moment 91 in the Bundesliga.

Why is it called Tedesco? ›

Tedesco (or Todesco, or Todisco; plural "Tedeschi") is an Italian word for "German". Etymologically, it derives from Theodiscus, sharing the same root of German "Deutsch", it is derived from “Teutonic”. Both Tedesco and Tedeschi are common surnames among Italians, both in Italy and in the diaspora.

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Why is Leipzig called the city of Heroes? ›

Since 1989 Leipzig has been informally dubbed "Hero City" (Heldenstadt), in recognition of the role that the Monday demonstrations there played in the fall of the East German regime – the name alludes to the honorary title awarded in the former Soviet Union to certain cities that played a key role in the victory of the ...

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Overall, FK Metta (Latvia) fielded the youngest line-ups (20.6 years on average), ahead of MŠK Žilina (Slovakia) and Grótta (Iceland). FC Nasaf (Uzbekistan) is the youngest team from a non-UEFA association (23.9 years).

Who is RB Leipzig top scorer? ›

Timo Werner

Who is the best footballer in La Liga? ›

Former Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has dominated La Liga's best player and best forward awards, with 9 and 10 wins respectively.

Is RB Leipzig a good club? ›

RB Leipzig are currently the best footballing team in Germany and among the best in Europe. None of that is in question. But no matter how good the players are, no matter how well they play football and no matter what they may or not win, the fundamental issues with "RasenBallsport Leipzig" remain the same as ever.

Who is the best player in Liga 1? ›

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Who will be next Leipzig coach? ›

Marco Rose has been appointed as the new head coach of RB Leipzig! The 45-year-old has signed a two-year contract valid until June 2024.

Did Leipzig sack their coach? ›

RB Leipzig SACK coach Domenico Tedesco hours after Champions League horror show against Shakhtar Donetsk and just a few months after the Italian guided them to the first major silverware in the club's history.

Is Timo Werner leaving Leipzig? ›

The forward has signed a four-year contract with the club and moves for a reported fee of £25million including add-ons. The move comes just two years after the German international left Leipzig for a fee of £47.5million.

Why did Haaland not go to RB Leipzig? ›

Ralf Rangnick admitted last year that he was unable to sign Erling Haaland for his former club RB Leipzig because he would not have made the starting XI. Rangnick is poised to become Manchester United's interim manager after agreeing a deal to take over until the end of the season.


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